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Andelen is the birth place of the Ærø Jazz Festival and proudly continues to play a significant role as one of the main concert venues. If you love jazz, Andelen Guesthouse is the place to stay!

Come and soak up the electric atmosphere of the Ærø Jazz Festival, where the streets and cafés of our beautiful island come to life with a week of exciting sounds and rhythms.

In 2024, the festival takes place 31 July - 3 August. Visit to find out more.



The beautiful building of Andelen hails from 1898, originally serving as Ærøskøbing's cooperative granary. In 1969, Andelen was converted into a residence, an art gallery and a music venue by Erik Vilhelm Sørensen and his family. In 1970, the renowned Danish composer and pianist Niels Viggo Bentzon played the inaugural concert, heralding in a new era for Andelen. The concert was a great success and the first of many to come.


Over the years, Andelen has carved out an identity as a house of culture. It has played host to many notable jazz concerts and important social events.


A great variety of artists has performed at Andelen. Amongst them are Joe Henderson, Lee Konitz, N.H.Ø.P, Palle Mikkelborg, Søren Kristiansen, Nils Lan Doky, Hugo Rasmussen, Carsten Dahl, Christian Minh Doky, Jesper Thilo, Axel Riel, Bo Stief, Thomas Franck, CV Jørgensen, Kim Larsen, Søs Fenger, Poul Dissing, Benny Andersen, Peter Thorup, TV2, Gnags, Sebastian, Etta Cameron, New Jungle Orchestra, Bazaar, Ole Kock Hansen, Lennart Gruwstedt, LaVerne Butler, Kenneth Knudsen, Jens Winther, Thomas Clausen, Jesper Lundgaard, Ed Thigpen, Tom McEwan, Eddie Skoller, Lulu Ziegler, Teddy Wilson, MC Einar, Ernie Wilkens Almost Big-Band, Trille, Alex Campbell, Teddy Wilson and many more...

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